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  • Decaffeinated Omni-ground 227g


    New chemical free Decaf – Processed in Vancouver using Swiss Water method, this Colombia coffee is both Organic and Fairtrade and completely free of dangerous chemicals used in regular decaffeinated.


    Now available as Nespresso capsules.

  • Brazil Fairtrade 227g


    Revolver World Fairtrade Organic Brazil 100% Arabica fresh Ground Coffee.

    Strength: 3

    This medium coffee has  a smooth body with Mild Acidity and a gentle flavour of sweet fruits. This is a special and unique Micro-lot Coffee from an individual farm producing rare organic coffee beans.

    This is a rare micro-lot coffee at the highest quality. As always, GM Free

  • Wholebeans Ethiopia Fairtrade Yirgacheffe 200g


    Revolver World Fairtrade Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Wholebean Coffee.

    Strength: 4

    100% Arabica Fairtrade certified and Always GM Free

    With a hint of spice and rich fruit with a chocolatey finish. A well balanced roast, it has excellent body without the bitterness of acidic soil- a great coffee to enjoy with friends.

  • Wholebeans Peru Fairtrade Organic 200g


    Revolver World Fairtrade Organic Peru Cecovasa Sandiain 100% Arabica Fresh Ground Coffee.

    Strength: 4

    This full bodied , smooth coffee has aromas of toasted hazelnuts and flavours of cocoa. This distinctive group of coffees is milled at the Beneficos of the Cecovasa Cooperative. Awarded with the “coffee of the year” by the speciality Coffee Association of America, this world beating coffee is naturally produced with the absence of artificial fertilisers.

    Fairtrade Certified, Soil Association Certified. 100% Arabica and as always; GM Free.

  • Wholebeans Cuba Del Escambray 200g


    Revolver World Cuba Crystal Mountain
    100% Arabica Wholebean Coffee

    Strength: 5


    ‘This coffee has a rich, strong and rounded flavour profile with surprisingly low acidity. Naturally sun dried, this Arabica coffee has a highly intense aroma with an elegant and delicate sweetness. To preserve its full bodied and creamy finish, it has been lightly roasted.’

    Always GM Free!

    Crystal Mountain coffee is grown by two hundred farmers around the Sopapo-Mayari plateau of Cuba’s Cuatro Vientos region.

    Nestled in the valleys of the Sierra Del Escambray Mountains and benefiting from its own microclimate, frequent rain enriches the mountain soil’s mica and quartz crystal deposits, giving this excellent coffee its name and unique quality. At harvest, the ripest cherries are handpicked and brought to the cumanayagua mill for wet processing. Naturally sun dried, this Arabica coffee has a highly intense aroma with an elegant and delicate sweetness.

    A rich strong and rounded flavour profile with surprisingly low acidity, we have lightly roasted this coffee for Revolver World to preserve its full bodied and creamy finish.


  • Wholebeans Colombia Anserma 250g


    Revolver World Fairtrade Colombia Anserma Wholebean Coffee.

    Strength: 4


    This truly classic Arabica shade-grown coffee is aromatic, fruity and full bodied. It has been produced by farmer members of the Cooperative de Caficultores de Anserma. With a deep, rich aroma and a well balanced taste, this is possibly the finest Colombian Coffee Available.

    Always GM Free

    Revolver world doesn’t have profit driven shareholders. Because our producers are also members, we guarantee we go further by sharing our surplus with farmer cooperatives- that’s why we are a Co-operative of cooperatives.

    This Fairtrade certified Colombia coffee is produced by farmers members of the Cooperativa de Caficultores De Anserma. The cooperative is located in the municipal department of caldas and neighbours Risaralda in the country’s western-central paisa region.

    This Is possibly the finest Colombian coffee available; consistently high quality with a deep, rich aroma and well-balanced taste.


  • Wholebeans Colombia Fairtrade Organic Sierra Nevada 250g


    Revolver world Fairtrade Organic Colombia Sierra Nevada 100% Arabica Ground coffee.

    Strength: 4


  • Wholebeans Mexico Chipas Fairtrade Organic 200g


    Revolver World Fairtrade Organic Mexico Ecologica De Chipas 100% Arabica fresh Ground Coffee.

    Strength: 3


    Mexico is a medium bodied coffee with a delicate marzipan aroma and subtle flavours of chocolate.

    Produced in the cooperative FIECH, they export and mill on behalf of 15 small cooperatives from municipals across the state of Chipas, which is located in the south of Mexico.

    GM Free

    Mexico Organic: FIECH ( Federacion indigena Ecologica De Chipas). This large Cooperative exports and mills on behalf of 15 small cooperatives from municipals across the state of Chipas, which is located in the South of Mexico, with 2800 members in 21 municipalities.

    Despites its rugged Mountainous terrain, here lies the perfect condition to grow coffee. The farming community is extremely poor and relies on coffee as their main source of income. The Federation Indigena Ecologica de Chiapas (FIECH) was created in 1993 by three small cooperatives in the region. Since FIECH gained certification in 1996, families have benefited from steadier and higher incomes, better practices and training, leading to increased output and quality. FIECH has renovated over 3000 hectares by planting some two million new Arabica trees. The cooperative uses profits to invest in children’s education, dormitories and medical facilities and invests in farmers education in organic agriculture.

  • Wholebeans Costa Rica Fairtrade Coope Tarrazu 200g


    Revolver World 100% Arabica Fairtrade Certified Costa Rica Coope Tarrazu – Wholebean coffee.

    Strength: 3


    Coope Tarrazu Co-operative is located in San Marcos de Tarrazu, Costa Rica. Their Farmers cultivate the Cattura and Catuai Arabica varieties, producing strictly high grown Coffee grown at elevations of up to 1900 meters. This coffee has a distinctive, rounded body with delicate fruity notes and a balanced taste. 

    Always GM Free

  • Wholebeans Honduras Fairtrade Organic 200g


    Revolver World Fairtrade organic Honduras Cocafelol 100% Arabica fresh Ground Coffee.

    Strength: 3


    This medium bodied coffee has a mild acidic taste and distinctive flavours of caramel and apricot. It has been produced from two Cooperatives; COCAFCAL and CAPECUS. Both Co-operatives are   located in neighbouring departments,  Capacus in the Capacus region of western Honduras. The cooperative represents 12 communities from the municipalities of San Pedro and Corquin, Copan. Members are dedicated to growing sustainable, conventional, organic and Fairtrade coffees. COCAFELOL is located in the municipal of La Labor, near the region of Ocotepeque.

    As always, GM Free.

  • Bishop’s Blend


    Each consignment consists of 20 boxes of 6 bags of 227g Fairtrade Arabica coffee Which can be used to serve in the café
    or sold in the Churches shop at RRP £4 per pack

    This order qualifies for Free delivery

    For every order you place we make a £60 donation to the Just Finance Foundation

    “The Just Finance Foundation will develop and implement the
    Archbishop of Canterbury’s vision of creating a fairer and more just Financial system”

    Please specify Ground or Beans when ordering.

  • Vanille



    Add a few drops of indulgence with our delicious Premium Gourmet Syrup! – Perfect with your favourite coffee and can be used in more recipes around the kitchen; cakes, cocktails, porridge, ice-cream, yogurt and many more!

    This 250 ml glass bottle is created in the Cotswolds for Chefs everywhere!

    Our syrups have 100% natural ingredients and are suitable for vegetarians.

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