Malawi Wholebeans 200g

Malawi, in South-East Africa is one of the worlds poorest countries, with over 70% of the population living below the national poverty line. Agriculture is central to their economy with around 97% of people,  mostly women, employed in the industry.

Arabica coffee has been grown in Malawi since the 1880’s and today it relies on a small network of coffee cooperatives and small-holder producers.

Malawi’s climate is subtropical with two rainy seasons between October – November and May – June. Harvest typically takes place from April to October with harvesting peaks varying from region to region.

The Malawi Partnership with Central Co-op and The Co-operative College is to help improve farmers livelihoods through better access to markets and finance, improved opportunities for women and young people, improved farming techniques, better education and health care, alongside improving Human Rights conditions.