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I'm Hannah, I'm 24 and a Psychology Graduate. I've been working for Revolver Cooperative for a couple of years. I'm a trained barista but I'm still trying to master latte art. I work on promotions, social media marketing, and product development. I also work on B2B devlopment and relations.


I’m George, a 22 year old Geography with Business graduate from the University of Nottingham who joined Revolver in October 2019 after spending the summer here as an intern. My role in the office involves helping develop new products, digital marketing and promotions. I’m really passionate about Fairtrade and sustainable business, while my spare time is spent involved in music in one way or another!


I'm Helen and I'm 25. I started working for Revolver in November 2015, coming from a photography background. My role working for Revolver varies from day to day. I carry out the company's administrative work and answering customer enquiries.


Hello, I’m Dom, I’m 23 and I’m a Junior Business Administration Apprentice through Revolver Records and the BPI. I recently finished my Masters in Music at The University of Hull, focusing on technology and its relation to popular music. My interests are: Wolverhampton Wanderers, food, and exploring new places.​


I'm Josh and I'm a Business graduate that has been working at Revolver for a number of years. I am part of the music team as a Label manager, and also review submissions sent in by artists around the world. In my spare time, I love playing the guitar and reading about current global affairs.


Hi, I'm Calum and I'm 23. I started working for Revolver in August 2016 after I had graduated from Birmingham City University with a degree in Music Technology. My role in the team is managing the music team as Label manager, something I am passionate about as I am also a member of a band.​


Hi, my name's Navin and I'm a 21 year old intern from Aston University studying Economics and Politics. I'm passionate about fairtrade and ethical produce, as well as being a coffee lover. I work on digital marketing, product development, branding strategy and graphic design.

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