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I'm Hannah, I'm 24 and a Psychology Graduate. I've been working for Revolver Cooperative for a couple of years. I'm a trained barista but I'm still trying to master latte art. I work on promotions, social media marketing, product development and website development.


Hi, my name's Navin and I'm a 21 year old intern from Aston University studying Economics and Politics. I'm passionate about fairtrade and ethical produce, as well as being a coffee lover. I work on digital marketing, product development, branding strategy and graphic design.


I'm Helen and I'm 25. I started working for Revolver in November 2015, coming from a photography background. My role working for Revolver varies from day to day. I carry out the company's administrative work and answering customer enquiries.


Hello, I’m Dom, I’m 23 and I’m a Junior Business Administration Apprentice through Revolver Records and the BPI. I recently finished my Masters in Music at The University of Hull, focusing on technology and its relation to popular music. My interests are: Wolverhampton Wanderers, food, and exploring new places.​


Hi, I'm Calum and I'm 23. I started working for Revolver in August 2016 after I had graduated from Birmingham City University with a degree in Music Technology. My role in the team is managing the music team as Label manager, something I am passionate about as I am also a member of a band.​


I'm Josh and I'm a Business graduate that has been working at Revolver for a number of years. I am part of the music team as a Label manager, and also review submissions sent in by artists around the world. In my spare time, I love playing the guitar and reading about current global affairs.

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