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Our History

The Early Years

Revolver Cooperative is a very unique co-op in that it has its origins in its sister company, Revolver Records. A long established independent indie record label based in the UK, founded by Paul Birch in 1978.

Paul’s interest in Fairtrade and wish to diversify the record business as sales of traditional music formats were displaced by electronic downloads, lead him to begin commissioning and distributing Fairtrade cotton merchandise under a new not-for-profit brand; Revolver World in 2008.

The business became progressively more interested in the Fairtrade movement and the concept of both Fairtrade and fairly traded goods and services. After becoming frustrated with the high prices and lack of variety in the marketplace, Paul Birch (founder) and Richard Bickle (co-founder) decided to take action – and today, Revolver World exists in its own right as a co-operative.

On the farm
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Revolver Cooperative – Presently

At Revolver Cooperative, we maintain a policy of transparency. Our products display the co-operatives which produce our coffee, because just like wine, customers deserve to know where the best products are grown. Armed with the knowledge of coffee origins, we make it easy to find precisely where our products originate wherever they are located in the world. For instance, our Honduran suppliers COCAFCAL detail each farmer contributing to the cooperative. This can be found at http://www.mycapucascoffee.coop/cafecapucas.php

As we are a society that has an effective, even explicit practice concerning supply chain management, we have therefore been awarded Ethical Consumer’s Best Rating for Supply Chain Management.

As an environmentally conscious business, at Revolver we take every measure possible to reduce our impact on the environment. This can not only be seen in our packaging practices, we also expect our trading partners to uphold high environmental standards. We achieve this through our partnerships with other co-operatives around the world and through NGOs/Charities that certify our products. Both Fairtrade Foundation (FLO) and The Soil Association can show such credibility through our certification. Our suppliers uphold ethical environmental standards to BRC Grade 1 Standards, so our ethical consciousness is built in our product at every level of its journey.

As a company offering highly responsible environmental standards, as well as ethical social alternatives, we have been awarded Ethical Consumer’s Best Rating for Environmental Reporting.

At Revolver, we believe in a fair and moral way of conducting business. We believe business, has a responsibility to our hard working employees, their welfare, and the welfare of producer, worker and consumer communities. That is why we are also certified by both the Fair Tax Mark and the Living Wage Foundation and hold the City of Birmingham’s Charter for Social Responsibility. As a result of our ethical conduct to the workplace, we have also therefore been awarded a Positive Company Ethos Mark.

We have also been ranked the most ethical company in the industry (as judged by Ethical Consumer Magazine) and winner of seven Great Taste Awards in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Revolver Cooperative’s World Coffee, has great taste to match the great ethics.