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Green Coop Tea

Green Biodegradable Teabags
(20 Bags per box)

The exiciting new range from Revolver. A tea renowned for it’s health benefits, Green boasts a subtle bittersweet aftertaste with nutty undertones.

Each box contains 20 Fairtrade, organic and biodegradable pyramid teabags, grown with care in Sri Lanka by one of the nation’s oldest tea plantations, with experience dating back over 107 years. The leaves are traditionally blended in order to preserve the quality of pure single origin Ceylon Tea.


Our teabags are composed of a biodegradable plant based compound called SoilOn, meaning when you buy a box of Revolver tea, you can do so without worrying about microplastics.


Our Fairtrade Promise

Our Fairtrade principles ensure that those involved in production overseas always receive a fair price and Fairtrade premium. Farmers reinvest this Fairtrade premium into their business and communities, creating sustainable products with wide-reaching benefits.


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