Revolver World Joins The Co-Operative’s “Co-Operate App”

Today (Tuesday 19th June 2012) saw the launch  of  the ‘Co-Operate App’ which offers exclusive discounts to customers at The Co-Operative. The app which was pioneered by Co-operatives UK as part of its work to promote Co-Operatives during the International Year Of Co-Operatives, is for iPhone, iPad and Android users in the run up to Co-operatives Fortnight 2012. The app includes listings of co-operatives throughout the UK, case studies, events and co-operative news and  GPS feature which allows users to locate their nearest co-operative stores!

In addition the app also includes “Challenges” taking place between June 2012 and July 2013, where users can check in during certain events in the calender and in various different categories (e.g Sport, Learning, Money, Eating and Drinking, etc), to co-operative related entities.

When check in targets are met for each challenge, exclusive rewards and vouchers are to be released to devices who took part in the challenge. Top tip, keep and eye out for challenges starting during the 2012 Olympic Games!

The aim of “Co-operate” is to raise awareness of Co-Operatives:

“To help users better understand co-operatives, the way they work and benefits”

Make sure you check out this incredibly handy app which is now available for download at

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