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Revolver to introduce new Syrup range

Revolver set to launch new syrups for 2015


New Revolver Syrups

New Revolver Syrups

Our new range of Syrups have been created by John Taylerson of Malmesbury syrups. We have three 250ml bottles, priced at £2.99 retail on launch; Hazelnut, Vanilla and Caramel. These syrups are produced in the Cotswolds and are aimed at Customers who have tried syrups with coffee in coffee shops and want to reproduce that experience at home. The syrups can be used in a variety of recipes, not limited to coffee. Patrice Garrigues is behind the project, Patrice has been asking us to do this for three years. Distribution will be with AFBlakemore Fine Foods (Formerly Heart). We expect these syrups will be popular as there are few supermarket ready syrups produced in the United Kingdom the market leader is Monin the french food company, who provide the majority of syrups used in catering. For restaurant enquiries, please contact us at

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