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Ethiopia Fairtrade Yirgacheffe 200g

Strength: 4

A complex, sweet and intense flavour including hints of spice, rich fruit and subtle flavors of chocolate. It has an excellent body without the bitterness of acidic soil.


Believed to be the birthplace of coffee as we know it today, Ethiopia offers an incredibly diverse range of micro climates and soils, which in turn yield some incredible uniquely, flavoured Arabicas. 


This wonderful Yirgacheffe coffee takes its name from the central Ethiopian foothills, which host the coffee plants cultivated by the cooperative’s 927 members. The beans are grown at altitudes of 1700m-2200m, and are processed at The Cooperative’s Fairtrade washing station. 


Our Fairtrade Promise

Our Fairtrade principles ensure that those involved in production overseas always receive a fair price and Fairtrade premium. Farmers reinvest this Fairtrade premium into their business and communities, creating sustainable products with wide-reaching benefits.


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