William Morris Wandle

William Morris Collection: Wandle 12oz
Bamboo Re-usable cups

eCoffee cups are made with natural fibre , corn starch and resin. It’s BPA, BPS and phthalate free. The lid and sleeve are made with matte, food-grade silicone which is latex-free and designed for hot liquids. It has a reusable ‘no-drip’ lid. The whole product (cup, lid and sleeve) is dishwasher safe and should last for years if treated nicely. Revolver Cooperative recommend water temperature of 85 degrees for this cup.

Available in a wide range of contemporary patterns; bright, vibrant colours or classic prints, Ecoffee cup is light, bright and with no plastic after-taste.

Ecoffee cup“In this enlighted era, there really is No excuse for Single-use. Choose to Re-use.”


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