OK, so he knows “the way to San Jose“,* as Burt Bacharach & Hal David wrote for Dionne Warwick back in 1968. Matthew Mills is head trader in the Americas at Amajaro; the international commodity brokers, trading coffee, tea and cocoa amongst many other commodities in over fifty markets.

Ever wondered how our commodities reach the supermarkets? It relies on commodity traders hitting the “buy” button” on the New York commodities market. Then a complex supply-line snaps into action, confirming trades, arranging shipping and commencing the two month voyage to Europe, where the coffee is stored in a bonded warehouse to be duty cleared and then finding its way in 65 kilo sacks to roaster up and down the country.

Matthew is also “our man on the ground” across Central & South America, working with established & developing Co-operatives throughout the region. Traders don’t just “buy-and-sell” they often finance and “cup” the produce, to ensure the quality meets our needs. It takes a refined pallet and a steady hand on the buy button to be sure that everyone in the transaction is best served, particularly both producer and consumer.

We are working with traders like Matthew and Amajaro to bring home the best quality Arabica coffee we can find – and at the same time trying to find ways of re-investing back into those co-operative communities appropriately with a “do-no-harm” approach.

As Hal David’s lyrics go “I’m going back to find some peace of mind in San Jose“*

* (C) Warner Chappell Music Publishing http://www.mercurynews.com/music/ci_21451728/legendary-songwriter

There is no better and more simple explanation of the commodities market than in the Eddie Murphy film “Trading Places

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