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Revolver Co-operative Membership

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Joining Revolver Co-operative

We ask members to make an investment in the society’s share capital, butt unlike in a conventional company, each member is limited to a single vote, irrespective of how much they invest. Approving an application for membership is entirely at thee Board of Directors discretion. 

Individuals must invest a minimum of £10 in Share Capital. 

Organisations in the UK must invest a minimum of £50. 

At the time of writing, no interest is payable on investments of £250 or less. Investments larger than this sum are only accepted at the Board of Directors discretion. 

Please contact for further details. 


Member Benefits

We are committed to applying the profits of the business for benefit of our members and the communities in which they live. This includes supporting projects in producer communities in the developing world working with a range of other co-operatives in the UK and elsewhere, and offering our individual members special offers for Revolver products and events.

Understanding the Risks

Revolver Co-operative is a small society, investment in Revolver’s share capital is at the risk if the business fails. An an organisation committed openness and transparency, and to playing a responsible part in the wider co-operative movement. We adhere to the Code of Practise on Withdrawal Share Capital as follows:

Code of Practise on Withdrawable Share Capital

Revolver Co-operative abides by a code of practise, which requires it to provide a statement to its shareholders (ie members) if the nature of their investment and change affecting it. The position you occupy as shareholder (ie member) is no different from that of shareholder in any other corporate body in the the sense that, if  Revolver co-operative fails, you may not have all, or any of your investments returned to you.

Your investment is withdrawable without penalty at the discretion of the Board of Directors, Revolver Co-operative, unlike Banks and Building Societties, is not subject to prudential regulation by the Financial Conductt Authority or its successor/s.

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