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Is Caffeine the cure to Britain’s productivity Problem?

Is Caffeine the cure to Britain’s productivity Problem?

businesspeople talking over coffee break

According to new research, your business should be encouraging coffee breaks!

Data collated by MessageBase found a wide range of surprising facts about our office habits including when you are at your most productive. They found that around 25% of the entire output of an eight hour day is achieved between 10am and 12pm. A further increase in productivity can be seen straight after a coffee break with the most productive hour being between 11am and 12pm which could account to 13.5% of the entire days output! In conclusion the pre-lunch part of the day is where we are most productive.

In other areas of the study they find that biscuits could potential sway the outcome of a business deal with a prospective client; most preferring shortbread over a pink wafer, we find that having biscuits available can only be a good thing.

Apparently smelly food should be avoided and inconsiderately helping yourself to coffee without offering is a red flag to your colleagues. So our advice to keep you in good stead with the office and to give the business a sharp productivity spike make everyone a coffee!

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