International Development Secretary praises Wolverhampton’s Fairtrade pioneers

International Development Secretary praises Wolverhampton’s Fairtrade pioneers  Andrew Mitchell, International Development Secretary, is today visiting Wolverhampton to taste Fairtrade coffee from the city’s new pioneers of fair and ethical trading, Revolver World, ahead of Fairtrade Fortnight later this month. Meeting Revolver with the Mayor of Wolverhampton, Bert Turner, and the Executive Director of the Fairtrade Foundation, Harriet Lamb, Andrew Mitchell said:
“Trade drives growth which in turn creates jobs and wealth in communities. Through trade we can help people to pull themselves out of poverty. Ensuring farmers and other producers get a fair price for their produce and effort is central to this. “Revolver has proved this can be both good for British business and can transform the lives of the poorest. Making a small change to your weekly shop, like buying Revolver’s superb Fairtrade coffee can make a real difference to those who farm these everyday essentials. You are also supporting an iconic local company. I’m delighted that Wolverhampton is leading the way in bringing new, commercially successful ways to tackle global poverty.”
The visit comes ahead of the 2012 Fairtrade Fortnight, which highlights that fairly traded goods can guarantee farmers and producers in the poorest countries receive a fair price for their produce and boosting their families’ income. The British Government supports the Fairtrade Foundation to help bring similar promising products to British customers. Paul Birch, Managing Director of Revolver World said:
“Customers know they can make a difference to the lives of people they will never meet, when making decisions about what they place into their shopping baskets. Music may have the power to change people’s lives, but we at Revolver Records wanted to do something more tangible – we’re working with famers in Uganda and Tanzaniato make Fairtrade coffee, and cotton growers inIndia to help us make Fairtrade clothes, all of which helps them to escape poverty.”
Harriet Lamb, Executive Director of the Fairtrade Foundation said
“By supporting businesses who work in a fair and ethical way with small-holder producers in developing countries, the government is helping farmers to earn a sustainable living. It’s great to see Andrew Mitchell encouraging businesses to behave responsibly by creating stronger links with those farmers and workers on whom they depend. “Fairtrade is a living example of responsible capitalism – both enabling businesses here to take a step towards tackling poverty, and a means for smallholders in developing countries to build their own businesses.”
The launch event is being held today (Friday 17th of February 2012) at the Wolverhampton Mayor’s Parlour.
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