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Caffeine and sport

cafe_sportCaffeine and sport

The link below holds a great article detailing the effects of coffee for the more athletic of you out there; it poses a balanced argument for the use of coffee detailing a common sense trial and error approach to finding the exact level of caffeine required for you to perform at your peak. What works for some may not for others.

I couldn’t say the exact caffeine I consume but the effects on me are clear from a physiological perspective. I consume 3 coffees at routine times during the day to function my best stopping at 2pm to allow the effects to calm down towards the evening. When playing Tennis I do notice a performance boost especially with my concentration levels, this often turns poor tennis mediocre.

Caffeine in products

  • Gu, Vanilla, 10 oz: –  20mg
  • Diet Coke, 12 oz: –   30mg
  • Espresso, 1 oz: shot –  40mg (estimated)
  • Pepsi 12 oz: can –  45mg
  • Red Bull 8 oz can  –   80mg
  • Starbucks 16 oz –  200mg

Do you regulate your caffeine intake or have an understanding of the amount required to perform at your best psychologically or physically?

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