About Our Coffee – Revolver World currently has two varieties of Fresh Coffee (the kind for your Cafetiere or Perculator) and if we do say so ourselves are both jaw-droppingly tasty. We are also proud to be supporting Village Water through our ‘Buy One, Give One‘ Scheme where our donation for every kilo of coffee roasted (44p) helps Village Water to provide 600 litres of safe and fresh water. Village Water works with deprived communities on a worldwide scale by digging wells, building proper toilet facilities and organising hygeine education programmes – ensuring the infrastructure they provide is truly sustainable.

Coffee Africa pack 50pcOur Colombian Coffee is a single-estate blend grown by the Riseralda Co-Operative established in 1959. Its 2,900 members produce an annual harvest of 30-35 tonnes of Fairtrade certified Arabica beans. As a coffee it is very smooth and rounded in taste with a strength of 4.Coffee Colombia pack 50pc

Our African Coffee is a delicious blend of Tanzanian and Ugandan Coffee grown by the Kagera Coffee Union (Tanzania) and Gumutindo Coffee Co-Operative (Uganda). Taste wise the blend of Tanzanian and Ugandan Coffees, creates a beautifully dark roasted coffee with more of bitter taste and edge to it in comparison to the Colombian. Strength wise, the Africa is a 3.

The Kagera Coffee Union  was founded in the 1930s, it currently comprises some 90,000 small-scale coffee farmers organized in 124 village co-operatives. In total, there are upwards of 130,000 small-holder coffee farmers in the region. Founded in 1998 Gumutindo, which means “excellent quality” in the local Lugisu language, began as a joint project between Bugisu Co-operative Union (BCU), a union of 250 primary or village co-operative societies, and Twin Trading. The rich, fertile volcanic soil and subtropical climate are ideal for growing high quality arabica coffee.

You can read more on the Fairtrade Foundation website at the following locations;

Kagera Coffee Union
Gumutindo Coffee Co-Operative 

We are looking to expand our range of Fairtrade Coffees so stay tuned for updates (and more tasty Fairtrade coffees) in the not-so-distant future!

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