20% of UK’s high street stores close in 2012 – Tesco part of the problem?

Sherborne, Dorset: local retailers are petitioning against the opening of a 28,000 sq. ft. Tesco.

Allegedly, folk marvel at how new Tescos pop-up — and suddenly the town acquires a new Police station.

Sherborne, Dorset: protestors petition the council not to give planning permission for Tesco to open a 28,000 square foot store

Meanwhile to coincide with store openings, the old High street gets dug up to lay new gas pipes and water mains. 9,000 people have signed a petition asking for the planned Tesco store not to open, so what do Tesco put there popularity (or lack of it) down to? Is it the threat of closure of small business or the fact that their stores are jampacked full of overseas suppliers and corporations’ brands?

If plans go ahead, one of the two hotels in Sherborne will have to close. Campaigners say that even Tesco’s Head of Corporate Affairs appeared not to shop there — she was seen to have a Waitrose bag on her back seat.

and in other Tesco news…

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