Revolver Launches with Central England Coop

Central England Boley Park when Revolver visited

Revolver are proud to have teamed up with Central England Cooperative to offer a range of coffee at their re-fitted Boley Park store. The flagship store in Lichfield relaunched this morning with a fresh feel and an emphasis on cooperation, with Coop Coffee on the shelves, a membership and community investment map and a cooperatively supplier Zero Waste Station.

Three of Revolver’s best selling products found their way to the shelves. Honduras Ground, Copacabana Beans and Famous Blue Mountain Coffee Bags have been on offer in a number of cooperative supermarkets for a long time, but this will be the first opportunity for customers to be able to pick up Revolver’s offering in Lichfield, and the first time Copacabana is available on the shelf.

Hannah Birch, Head of Operations at Revolver, said:

“It’s fantastic that we have been able to partner with Central England Coop and offer our coffee at their new Boley Park store. Our two cooperatives have been close for a number of years, so it means a lot to us to formalise our relationship with the launch of some fantastic products.

“In particular, this is a further opportunity to make good on our promise of being cooperative from field to store. As many people are aware, we have over 300 producer members in Honduras who grow and pick the coffee for our cooperative. That means every time we are able to put another bag of coffee on the shelf, our members see the benefit

Spreading further afield.
As well as working with Central England, Revolver are also launching a large range of tea and coffee with cooperative wholesalers Green City. Amongst other products, Green City are taking on Revolver’s Fairtrade, Organic and biodegradable tea bags, a range of Fairtrade and Organic coffees as well as Famous Blue Mountain coffee bags. Director Steve Gill said:

It’s wonderful that we have been able to partner with Green City to expand our range of tea and coffee into Scotland and the North East. Cooperation is at the heart of what we do, so it’s important to us that we are able to work with organisations like Green City who share our values and ethics.

“This is an excellent opportunity for Revolver to showcase some of the best Fairtrade, Organic and Cooperative products our movement has to offer. It’s a testament to the work done by all the members of our cooperative, and another step in the right direction.”

The recent expansion comes in light of the Queen’s Honour received by Revolver’s CEO, Paul Birch, for his commitment to and work in Fairtrade. Paul has dedicated the last ten years to the Fairtrade® movement by sitting on numerous boards and by developing Fair Trade commodities under the Revolver World Cooperative brand for sale in Co Op stores.

If you’re interested in joining our cooperative, you can do so here, or contact our office on 01902 345345. For commercial enquiries, please email

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