Revolver Partners With Belgian Coop 'The Food Hub'

The Food Hub Cooperative stocking Revolver World coffee

Revolver have announced the launch of an exciting new partnership with Belgian cooperative wholesalers ‘The Food Hub’.

The Food Hub initially started as a cooperative with only four partners, which has now grown to over 80 producers. Like Revolver’s model, they have created a multi stakeholder cooperative – a coop that’s governed by two or more stakeholder groups, working with organic suppliers across Belgium and Europe.

Their philosophy is simple: they offer an extensive selection of high quality organic products, creating a resilient, transparent and economically sustainable food chain in Belgium. This is done by offering a dynamic food economy based on the principles of fair trade and cooperation.

The partnership comes at an exciting time for Revolver, who are keen to maintain their relationships with European organisations post-Brexit. George Smith, Assistant Operations Manager at Revolver, said:

This partnership is a perfect example of the work we can do when we cooperate. Revolver and The Food Hub share a great number of values, through environmental, social and economic goals. It’s fantastic that we are able to join forces and provide our fairtrade and organic tea and coffee to the Belgian market.”

“One of the things that we’re most excited about are the increasing opportunities for us to work with other cooperatives. In the last few weeks alone we’ve been able to join with Central England Coop, Green City Cooperative (Scotland) and now The Food Hub in Leuven, Belgium. It comes at a time when we can see the importance of a cooperative economy more than ever. Cooperatives are one of the most resilient ways to organise as a business unit, and the shared benefits of these cooperative deals are the way we need to rebuild the post-pandemic economy.”

The partnership will see Revolver supply a large range of Fairtrade and organic tea bags and coffee, including the increasingly popular Honduras coffee.

“For me, seeing the popularity of Honduras is one of the best things we could ask for. As many people know, the farmers who grow the Honduran coffee are members of our coop, so to see people enjoying, ordering and brewing with Honduras is exactly the reason we do what we do.”

The Food Hub will distribute the tea and coffee around Belgium and Europe to cafes and likeminded supermarkets, ensuring a route through the EU remains open for Revolver in a post-Brexit world.

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