Revolver's Advent Calendar

Revolver's Advent Calendar

This December we are bringing back our digital advent calendar. In the spirit of Christmas and Giving Tuesday, we are running a giveaway every day until Christmas across all of our social media platforms.

The plan is this. Every day, we will post a new offer, giveaway or promotion for everybody to see on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We’ll then ask our followers to share the post, and the next day we will randomly select a winner and get in touch with them about how to claim their reward.

Taking Inspiration from Coops

We are constantly inspired by the people we work with on a day to day basis, be it farmers or cooperative societies. This year, we’ve been especially taken with a project developed by Southern Cooperative. Southern are organising a ‘Reverse Advent Calendar’, The regional cooperative supports nearly 50 food banks, and are requesting specific donations each day until the 24th December. As demand for food banks has increased considerably during the pandemic, the donated goods will all help someone in need this winter.  

We have made a donation to this project as part of our ‘Giving Tuesday’ campaign. Helen Lloyd, one of our team members, commented:

 “We understand the importance of a strong community as the route to sustainability and lasting change. The best way for us to support this is by working  with other cooperatives to make a real difference to people’s lives.”

“Of course, there is always more work that can be done. Our ethos is that the concept behind Giving Tuesday needs to be an integral part of the way businesses are organised, and cooperation is a fantastic way to do that all year round. This ethos also influences the work being done on the Revolver World Foundation, which will extend our commitment to our global community.”

Our own digital advent calendar is another way to give back to our community of members and followers, who have been wonderful in their support over the past year.

This is an opportunity for us to shine a spotlight on some of our favourite products, and tell the stories of the cooperatives and individuals who make it all happen.  

It’s certainly going to be a different type of Christmas this year. A lot of people’s plans will have been changed, but we can still find reason to celebrate. We hope that this campaign is a reason to smile this advent, and we’re looking forward to sharing our range with you all.  

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