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La Cimbali Donation to Italian Health Service

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At Revolver, we’re incredibly proud of the relationships that we have built over the last 10 years. As a company who recognises the importance of high ethical standards and positive environmental practices, it is a pleasure to work alongside organisations who share similar values.  

In many ways, the current COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the best in people, and we wanted to take this opportunity to share the story of how our Italian friends at La Cimbali have contributed to the fight against the virus.  

La Cimbali is an Italian manufacturer of professional espresso and cappuccino equipment, and a company who we’ve been fortunate to work alongside in recent times as we develop our café and bean-to-cup solutions offering. With their headquarters in Milan, many of the Cimbali team have seen the brunt of the coronavirus epicentre, which until recently was focused in Italy.  

This week, Cimbali Group donated 10 lung ventilators to the Italian National Health Service facility, a total value of around €200,000. The following quote is taken from Maurizo Cimbali, as shared by the Cimbali website: 

“Our Country is going through a dramatic time, without a doubt nothing like this has ever been experienced in the past few decades. – Declared Maurizio Cimbali, President of the Group. – As an Italian company, strongly rooted in Lombardy, we feel compelled by a need, a duty and a moral commitment to support the healthcare and hospital system which is coping remarkably in the face of this emergency, with a donation of 200 thousand euros for the purchase of lung respirators for intensive care”. 

We’d like to extend our warmest regards to everyone at Cimbali during this period, both in Italy and further afield. This is a very trying time, so it’s fantastic to see acts of generosity in our industry going a long way to make a tangible difference.  

You can read more about our work with La Cimbali here

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