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Cooperative Café Solutions

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2020: The Year of Solutions. 
Revolver has started off 2020 by branching out into the world of cooperative coffee and vending solutions. With our first bean to cup machine installed at the brand new Midcounties Southmoor store, we are hoping to spread the offer across the cooperative economy and further.

Offering Fairtrade & Cooperative coffee and retail solutions to organisations is an important part of our philosophy and mission. We see many cooperatives being left without an alternative but to work with big industry leaders who don’t share cooperative values, so it is about time we provided a solution which aligns with the principles of the movement. 

What’s in the (eco friendly) cup?
The bean-to-cup machine provides free Fairtrade Revolver Copacabana coffee to Midcounties members, as well as our Fairtrade drinking chocolate and tea. We hope that this not only showcases a cooperative business to business model, but also promotes the benefits of membership in societies such as Midcounties. 

Using freshly ground Fairtrade coffee and fresh milk is an innovative response to alternative coffee vending machines, which often only provide powdered milk and instant coffee. Combine that award winning engineering with a beautiful design and touch screen display, and the end result really is something special – a great taste backed up by an ethical, cooperative and environmentally conscious production. 

Managing Director Paul Birch J.P. said “it’s great to be able to offer a cooperative coffee solution at last. At Revolver, we are passionate about promoting cooperative values, and our team has been working hard alongside our friends at Midcounties to offer the best possible result – the machine looks fantastic and compliments a very successful new store.” 

“Looking ahead to the rest of the year, we are hoping to work with more cooperative societies to help them provide cooperative solutions, rather than feeling like their only alternative is to work alongside other non-coop organisations.”

Looking ahead
In a few weeks time, team members Hannah Birch, George Smith, Helen Lloyd and Miya Jhamat are visiting the Amsterdam Coffee Festival, in order to find out more about cooperation on the continent and how we can continue to work alongside our European neighbours in a post Brexit Britain. 

We are passionate about bringing as much value to members, and help to grow the cooperative economy and movement. The need for cooperation seems as important now as it did 150 years ago – and at Revolver that mission is guiding our work throughout 2020 and beyond. 

If you’d like to know more about what we do, or enquire about cooperative coffee solutions for your business or society, please email enquiry@revolver.coop

What we do is simple, but revolutionary. 


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