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Honduras Diaries: Part 1.

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582 Words, 4 minute read. By Joshua Birch 

Honduras Diaries: Part 1
As part of our series for Fairtrade Fortnight, we asked Joshua to share the story of his recent trip to Honduras, including meeting Fairtrade farmers and seeing coffee production first hand. 

A few months ago, I took a trip of a lifetime across the Atlantic, over to Honduras to visit our farmers and to meet with people involved within the coffee industry. From hiking up to the breathtakingly beautiful mountains of San Pedro, to meeting the farmers and their families, this diary entry covers the ins and outs of my trip. 

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November 2nd, The Journey: 

I left the house at 5am to get my train down to London. After departing from Paddington station towards Heathrow Airport. Knowing I had a long plane ride, I decided to stretch my legs while on the train. 

 I alighted the train and made my way to check in and go through airport security. It was at that moment I discovered that my bag (that contained my passport, phone and plane ticket) was missing.

 I darted down to the platform and asked the station staff to check the train, but their search didn’t prove to be successful. For the next two hours, I was stranded with no form of contact… Eventually, a helpful member of staff allowed me back onto the train at Paddington to have one last look. By some sort of miracle, there it was. My bag was sitting on a chair with all the contents still intact! 

At this point in time I had missed my original flight, so my only option was to board a twenty-two-hour flight to Honduras, putting me one day behind schedule.  At this point, however, I really couldn’t complain – I was so relieved to be reunited with my bag and looking forward to the trip ahead, which turned out to be much more successful than the initial 4 hours…

November 3rd, Day One:
After the hectic events of yesterday it was safe to say that I was well rested and ready for the day ahead. It was an early start. I was introduced to my fellow travel companions, and we quickly got to know the group and familiarise ourselves with each other’s businesses. As the sun set on a wonderful day, we were invited to dinner at an authentic Honduran Bistro that specialised in Honduran Cuisine. After the delicious food and hours of conversation with everyone, it was time to return to my hotel to prepare for the next day. 

November 4th, Day Two: 

I was awake pretty early. After some breakfast it was time to meet our friends at Coffee Planet, a Co-op that is run by a group of Christians in Honduras. Coffee Planet helps local farmers with business queries: taking out loans on their behalf; distributing funds; administration duties etc.

Following our introductions, we headed to the coffee fields. The plants covered fields which stretched out for miles, and we met many friendly locals who highlighted a real sense of community and pride.


November 5th, Day Three:
Yesterday’s adventure set the mood for the rest of the trip. We headed to another coffee plantation in the mountains which operates under Coffee Planet. Upon arrival, we met with their manager and held an in depth conversation about the area. The plantation supports five thousand farmers and their families.

Something which really stood out as being impressive was a revolutionary set up which re-appropriated biomass produced from their farms to provide electricity for local communities. It was brilliant meeting everyone and seeing how they work their way around everyday life, seeing the sheer determination, commitment and hard work done by farmers. 

Check back in tomorrow for Honduras Diaries, Part 2. If you’d like to know more about what we do, or enquire about cooperative coffee solutions for your business or society, please email enquiry@revolver.coop

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