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The Rise of Reusable

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The coffee industry has seen a surge in reusable cups over the last 5 years. With conscious effort on behalf of both retailers and customers to cut the amount of waste produced, one of the most notable trends is the rise of the reusable cup. There’s more to the cup than a nicer feel and look though – when you look at the numbers, they really are remarkable…

Some retailers have completely removed single use provision. Waitrose no longer provides single use cups for their bean-to-cup machine, while last week M&S extended their trial of a ‘zero-waste’ section in a supermarket. We are lucky to be on the doorstep of the Clean Kilo Co in Birmingham who have been a pioneer of the zero waste movement.

The Numbers

Forbes reported last year that 8 trillion pieces of plastic were dumped into the world’s oceans each year, with 91% of plastic going un-recycled. A reusable cup will provide absolutely no waste per 75 uses, compared to 1,500g of waste with a disposable single use cup. As a result, for every 1 million reusable cups replacing single use, 1000 tonnes of carbon emissions would be avoided, and 300 tonnes of waste would be saved – the equivalent to the energy used by an average UK household for 75 years… 

Our Ethos

As many of our members are aware, at Revolver we pride ourselves on our environmental standards. It is important to help our customers transition away from single use cups when purchasing their coffee at bean to cup machines, like our recent installation at Southmoor. Whilst the cups we provide are compostable and biodegradable, we know there is an added sense of value that comes with the ownership of a high quality, environmentally friendly reusable vessel.  

For these reasons, both environmental and customer focused, we have expanded our range of popular reusable cups with four new offerings, beautifully decorated with William Morris prints. For our cooperative, innovation has always taken centre stage in guiding our direction. We endeavour to consistently find the best solutions for consumers, members and the environment. 

 Hannah Birch, Head of Commercials at Revolver, said ‘We’re really proud of our new range of William Morris reusable cups. It’s so important that we’re able to offer a variety of designs to our customers, and it’s an important step in helping people change their behaviour away from single use. This is just another small example of the work we’re doing to be as ethically and environmentally conscious as possible.’  

A note on style 
Our new range features William Morris prints. Morris is recognised as one of the most significant cultural figures of Victorian Britain, and held a deep set commitment and respect for the environment, so it’s only fitting that his work decorates our range. We stock Peacock, Wandle, Blackthorn, and Seaweed Marine, all available now for £10.


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