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Revolver's Response to Kit-Kat Dropping Fairtrade

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There is a perfect storm brewing in Fairtrade cocoa, with recent news that Divine Chocolate, the champions of Fairtrade cocoa, has been sold to the company that processes its products in Germany. As part of the deal Divine CEO of 21 years; Sophie Tranchell leaves the company, and the cooperative in Ghana who represent 100,000 farmers, will have a reduced shareholding in the new enterprise.


At the same time another body blow to the Fairtrade Foundation as Swiss food giant Nestle, announces it will abandon Fairtrade certification on its famous product “KitKat”, in favour of The Rainforest Alliance.


Today Revolver are bringing forward an announcement that they intend to enter the category with a range of Fairtrade & Organic chocolate bars, with cocoa provided by Kuapa Kokoo cooperative in Ghana.


Paul Birch, Revolver CEO says: “This began with the vision of Anita Roddick, pioneering entrepreneur and founder of the Bodyshop. Anita had a vision, which with the early intervention of women like Harriet Lamb and Sophie Tranchell, has shone the light clearly on the viable alternative to corporate America. Co-operatives across the world, came together this Co-operative fortnight to set aside competition, in favour of co-operation.”


Revolver Co-op was created with the help of The Co-operative Group, back in 2010. On this our tenth anniversary we are pleased to announce our diversification into a whole range of different commodities and the creation of the Registered trademark COOP CHOCOLATE®, registered with the IPO and with both Revolver Co-op and Co-operative Group in joint partnership.


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