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Revolver World wins Great Taste Award 3rd consecutive year

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The Great Taste Awards 2017

For immediate release;
Revolver ® have for the third year been winners in The Great Taste Awards. Revolver ® Speciality Kenya Kapota Top Lot judges described it as “Bright fruity, citrusy espresso that has a long clean finish“. They also said that it was “boozy, ripe and delicious.

Judges also gave 1* to our Revolver World ® Fairtrade ® Organic Papua New Guinea Elimbari. They described it as “having dark chocolate flavours in the middle and this is reasonably well balanced. Just enough acidity, great as an espresso or a filter coffee this would par well with the sweetness of milk and perhaps, sugar.

The Great Taste Awards are created by the Guild of Fine Foods. Although many coffees are entered into the awards, there are comparatively few winner and only a small percentage are Fairtrade coffees. John Boyle Chair “it’s the people behind the scenes who make the magic happen, the credit goes to the farmers and their co-operatives who care-deeply about the product and our co-operative colleagues in stores, who make everything simple for shoppers“.

Paul Birch CEO said “This is the third year running we have won Great Taste Awards. Twice for our Fairtrade Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and once for Our Brazil Fairtrade Organic. It’s great to work with expert buyers and roasters who are able to get the best out of the product.

Revolver ® were awarded the Fair Tax mark earlier in the year (the first Food / Beverage company working in commodities) and just the 20th firm in Britain to receive the award. In 2015 Revolver was awarded the Living Wage Foundation certification and was the 6th company in Birmingham to receive the cities Social Responsibility Charter (now over 300 firms hold the charter mark).
Revolver ® is organised as a multi-stakeholder co-operative, members include producers in the developing world. It ranks second for ethics as judged by Ethical Consumer magazine.

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