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  • Cuba Nespresso® Compatible Capsules


    Cuba Nespresso® Capsules (10)

    Strength 7


    This coffee is grown by Two hundred farmers around the Sopapo – Mayaari plateau of Cuba’s Cuatro Vientos region. Nestled in the valley of the Sierra Del Escambray Mountains benefiting from the regional micro – climate.


    Frequent rain enriches the mountain soil’s mica and quartz crystal deposits, giving this excellent coffee its unique quality. At harvest, the ripest cherries are hand – picked and brought to the Cimanayagua mill for wet processing. naturally sun dried, this arabica coffee has a highly intense aroma with an elegant and delicate sweetness. A rich, strong and rounded flavour profile with surprisingly low acidity, we have lightly roasted this coffee for Revolver World to preserve its full bodied and creamy finish.

    The cooperative of cooperatives

    Since the 1960’s coffee production in Cuba has fallen by more than 80% but now Cuba is rebuilding its economy through cooperatives. We bring together producers and customers – that’s why we say our members produce our coffee, our members drink our coffee.

  • Decaffeinated Fairtrade Nespresso® Compatible Capsules


    Revolver Decaffeinated Nespresso® Capsules (10)

    Strength 4

    Swiss Water is the innovative process of using pure water to gently remove caffeine. It is a 100% chemical free and tailored in small batches. This means caffeine is removed from select amounts of Specialty Coffee. This Coffee is grown and harvested with the utmost care. The taste remains every bit as delicious before the process began. Smooth, mild and sweet with good notes of roasted peanut, soft milk chocolate and cookie dough. medium – bodied with mild acidity and slight burnt sugar sweetness.

  • Ethiopia Fairtrade Yirgacheffe Nespresso® Compatible Capsules



    Ethiopia Fairtrade Yirgacheffe Nespresso® Capsules (10)

    Strength 5


    With a hint of spice and rich fruit with a chocolatey finish. A well balanced roast, it has excellent body without the bitterness of acidic soil – a great coffee to enjoy with friends.

    Believed to be the birthplace of coffee as we know it today. Ethiopia offers an incredibly diverse range of micro – climates and soils which in turn yield some incredible uniquely flavoured arabicas. Many complex varietals are grown across Ethiopia including this wonderful Yirgacheffe 100% Fairtrade Arabica Yirgacheffe coffee takes its name from the Central – South Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe region – the foothills of which host the coffee plants cultivated by the cooperative’s 927 members. This complex, sweet and intensely flavoured coffee is shade – grown by members of the Homa Cooperative at attitudes between 1700 and 2200 metres wet processed at the cooperative’s Fairtrade accredited washing station their exported on their behalf by the Oromia Coffee Cooperative Union (OCFCU). With a hint of spice and rich fruit with a chocolatey finish. A well balanced roast, it has excellent body without the bitterness of acidic soil – a great coffee to enjoy with friends.

  • Honduras Fairtrade Nespresso® Compatible Capsules


    Honduras Fairtrade Nespresso® Capsules (10)

    Strength 6


    This Coffee is from two cooperatives; COCAFCAL (Cooperativa Caferala Capucas Limitada) and COCAFELOL (The Organic Coffee Cooperative Limited The Labor Ocotepeque).

    The Celaque National Park is a cloud forest containing the country’s highest mountain. The cooperative represents 12 communities from the municipalities of San Pedro and Corquin, in Copan. Their development programs have benefitted approximately 5,000 people in Las Capucas and surrounding regions. Members are dedicated to growing sustainable conventional, organic and Fairtrade coffees. The cooperative’s general assembly has ten members, nine of whom are women. COCAFELOL, is located in the municipal of Ocotepeque. Both cooperatives have their coffees milled and exported by Benefico Santa De Rossa. COCAFELOL has built a library for the farming communities and is now building a sports centre and playing fields.

  • Peru Fairtrade Nespresso® Compatible Capsules


    Peru Nespresso® Capsules (10)

    Strength 6


    Peru is the world’s largest producer of certified organic coffees. We work with cooperatives in the central and southern regions. The coffee farms are nestled between the mountains consisting of smallholder farmers and villages.

    The supplier cooperatives are; UNICAFEC who was founded in 2001 and has since grown to 406 members. 94 of whom are women, who has established a Women’s Empowerment Programme. CENFROCAFE are a cooperative of over 1,900 families working in 84 partner networks. Located in the provinces Jaen, San Ignacio and Bagua. CENFROCAFE has four basic tenants. Sustainability, Social & Environmental protection &Economic regeneration. the Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera La Florida was founded in 1964. it is a social enterprise with a strong business vision Its main objective is the production and marketing of coffee with International partners like Revolver World. The Arabica coffees produced by La Florida are grown under agroforestry systems, in harmony with the environment and with social programmes. Its located in the basins of Yurinaki and Ubiriki, in the district of Perené, province of Chanchamayo, department of Junin.

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    Revolver Coop Nespresso® compatible capsules (20)

    100% Strictly High Grown Fairtrade Arabica

    100% Biodegradable capsules for Home composting

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