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Peru Cecovasa Sandiain Fairtrade Organic
100% Arabica Nespresso Compatible Capsules

“It is a  full bodied , smooth coffee has aromas of toasted hazelnuts and flavours of cocoa. This world beating coffee is naturally produced with the absence of artificial fertilisers.”

Peru is the world’s largest producer of certified organic coffees. We work with cooperatives in the central and southern regions. The coffee farms are nestled between the mountains and smallholder farmers makeup the cooperatives and unions. The supplier cooperatives are; UNICAFEC who was founded in 2001. It is a small cooperative based in San Ignacio on the border with Ecuador. Harvesting is between April and September. UNICAFEC has 406 members, 94 of whom are women. The Cooperative has a women’s empowerment programme and coffee is grown at an elevation of 1200 – 1700m.

Strength 6; 10 Capsules per box




The Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera La Florida was founded in 1964. It is a social enterprise with a strong business vision. Its main objective is the production and marketing of coffee with International partners like Revolver World. The main activity is the production of coffee and to a lesser extent cash crops such as: pineapple, bananas, passion fruit, livestock, beekeeping and fish farming. The cooperative also promotes ecotourism, we recommend seeking foreign travel advice from the FCO and traveling in organised groups if considering ecotourism in south and Central America.

The coffee produced by La Florida are of the Arabica variety, grown under agroforestry systems, in harmony with the environment and with social responsibility. Its areas of influence are the basins of Yurinaki and Ubiriki, in the district of Perené, province of Chanchamayo, department of Junín.

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