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Peru is the world’s largest producer of certified organic coffees. We work with cooperatives in the central and southern regions. The coffee farms are nestled between the mountains consisting of smallholder farmers and villages.

The supplier cooperatives are; UNICAFEC who was founded in 2001 and has since grown to 406 members. 94 of whom are women, who has established a Women’s Empowerment Programme. CENFROCAFE are a cooperative of over 1,900 families working in 84 partner networks. Located in the provinces Jaen, San Ignacio and Bagua. CENFROCAFE has four basic tenants. Sustainability, Social & Environmental protection &Economic regeneration. the Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera La Florida was founded in 1964. it is a social enterprise with a strong business vision Its main objective is the production and marketing of coffee with International partners like Revolver World. The Arabica coffees produced by La Florida are grown under agroforestry systems, in harmony with the environment and with social programmes. Its located in the basins of Yurinaki and Ubiriki, in the district of Perené, province of Chanchamayo, department of Junin.


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Revolver Co-operative

From indie record label to Europes most ethical coffee brand, the Revolver story goes back fifty years. Today, we source and roast award winning coffee, grown ethically by cooperatives around the world. In addition to our Fairtrade promise, we reinvest profit back into farming producing communities. All of our coffee is grown by co-operatives. This means that the whole community is an equal stakeholder in the business, and that your money goes directly to supporting their development, education and wellbeing.