Ethiopia Fairtrade Organic Yirgacheffe Nespresso® Compatible Capsules

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Nespresso compatible capsules – “This complex, sweet and intensely flavoured coffee is shade-grown by members of the Homa Cooperative. Includes hints of spice, rich fruit and subtle flavors of chocolate. It has an excellent body without the bitterness of acidic soil. A great coffee to enjoy with friends.”


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Revolver Co-operative

From indie record label to Europes most ethical coffee brand, the Revolver story goes back fifty years. Today, we source and roast award winning coffee, grown ethically by cooperatives around the world. In addition to our Fairtrade promise, we reinvest profit back into farming producing communities. All of our coffee is grown by co-operatives. This means that the whole community is an equal stakeholder in the business, and that your money goes directly to supporting their development, education and wellbeing.