Our Team


Name: Theo Blet

Country: France

Degree: food business bachelor

Tell about the skills and knowledge that you are using here

After studying general business and international trade, I wanted to get closer to the Fair trade supply chain.

Interesting in Professional life

I would like to be more involved in the purchasing process, keeping a fair trade dimension as I think our way of consumption is doomed to failure .

My dream job would be being the intermediary between coffee producing countries and Europe. (Using my communication skills and my knowledge about coffee supply chain).

Interesting in personal life

I like to travel, learn and discover different cultures

Anything you want to say about the work and the company

Working at Revolver co op helped me to be more confident, to use my initiative more and to handle more responsibilities.

But also I improved my English a lot, got professional skills, and more knowledge about the fair trade coffee sector.taz

Name: Tasmin Randhawa

Country: UK

Degree:  I studied BA Management Studies at the University of Leicester. I graduated in July 2015 achieving first class honours.

Tell about the skills and knowledge that you are using here

Whilst here I have had the chance to use my analytical skills to analyse large amounts of data, and to then produce reports. This was quite challenging as there was just so much data to analyse, but I enjoyed carrying out the analysis to see how it would affect the company and then creating valuable reports.

Interests in Professional life

Next year I will start working for Deutsche Bank within their operations division. It will be an interesting experience being a part of such a large organisation.I would like to pursue a long career in the financial sector.

 Interests in personal life

My main hobby is running. I’ve been running for about 5 years, I did cross country at school, and then at university I also started doing track as well. I would like to one day qualify for and run the London marathon!

Anything you want to say about the work and the company

I think what Revolver does here is refreshing and unique. It is great to see a company that is so ethical, so dedicated to the wider community, so eager to make a difference and really help change the lives of producers all over the world.

I would like to thank Paul for having me here, teaching me about the company and just for being so enthusiastic and encouraging!



Name: Mateus Pecanha

Country: Brazil

Degree: Environmental Engineering

Tell about the skills and knowledge that you are using here

My main area is the environment, I have been working with many sustainable projects, for waste, for neighbourhoods, for people in general. The fact that the company is a co-operative and works with Fairtrade coffee interested me, because both are very positive for the sustainable world, and related with the social area, a sustainability area(social, economic and environmental) that I had never worked with, so it has been a challenge,  and I learnt more about my area from a different point of view.

I also had been running my own business, so I was the seller, and at Revolver I have been trying to help with the sales, and also helping with the website design( where I improved the whole website) and with other social media.

Interesting in Professional life

I am very interested in many subjects related with sustainability, mainly the one related with the environment, the ones that catch my attention are urban sustainability and environment assessments for buildings.

Interesting in personal life(hobbies, other activities)

I have been a musician since I was 6, I have been playing different instruments and in different bands. I am, as a good Brazilian, a fan of football and also like to practice surfing (in Brazil, not in England) and Travel.

Anything you want to say about the work and the company

During my time in Revolver World I have learnt a lot, first of all improved my English and learning how to work with English people. I am doing things that I have never done in my life, like website manager and design. So it has been awesome to be around a business man like Paul Birch, getting knowledge about Fairtrade, Co-operatives and also business life.

Internship interview

Name: Chris Bowen

Country: UK

Degree: Music & Media Management, University Of Gloucestershire

Tell about the skills and knowledge that you are using here

  • Website development and content management
  • Inventory management
  • Contract Management (Recording And Licensing)
  • Developing social media platforms to increase audience
  • Contract negotiation
  • Press liason

Interesting in Professional life

  • Run my own record label ScreamLite Records, offering 360 degree deals to new acts.
  • Worked for Cherry Red Records as an intern
  • Previous label achieved #148 in the UK album charts with charity compilation for Bristol Hospitals Trust, raising over £5,000 in the process.
  • Gained worldwide airplay for own music and bands I represent.

Interesting in personal life

  • Guitarist
  • Have promoted many music events and worked at 2000 Trees Festival, Wychwood Festival and ArcTanGent Festival
  • Avid gig goer
  • Keen fan of sports, particularly football (Newcastle United/Wales), rugby union (Ospreys/Wales) and Formula 1 (Hamilton/Button/Ricciardo)
  • Spend most of my spare time listening to, reading about or writing music or gaming.

Anything you want to say about the work and the company

While Revolver Records is a small label, the independent sector is the most interesting and fast paced sectors of the record label industry. I’m currently working on developing the brand a bit further while also updating web content to put Revolver’s history into context, while outlining it’s future. I’d hope that, by doing this, Revolver can once again become one of the first names people think of for independent music.





Sophie Thackeray was one of our brilliants Interns. We are very proud of her graduation in Music and Media Management in the University of Gloucester. We wish all the best for her career.

 “It’s been a long, but amazing 4 years and I’ve finally graduated! Never thought I’d get through it but thanks to everyone I met on the way and here’s to the next adventure 🎓”