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Animal Rights

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Revolver is pleased to have on its board Labour Animal Welfare activist Malcolm Butt MBE, who has campaigned on issues such as the fur -trade http://www.labouranimalwelfaresociety.org.uk/2013/02/report-from-manchester-conference-and-wolverhampton-campaign-stand/ Malcolm is a keen advocate on behalf of Vegetarian and Vegan issues.

Revolver’s policy is to source coffee cherries from farms that actively encourage biodiversity, by leaving their fields fallow at the field-edge. This encourages
butterflies, birds and small mammals, particularly where the hedgerow is allowed to cultivate without intervention.

We take a stand against GM and over 60% of our products are classified organic. We support the policy of farms using the coffee cherries as fertilisers rather than intervening with chemical fertilisers.

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